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I’ve learnt a very valuable lesson over the last 2 years; when you ask God to change you, He doesn’t do things in small amounts. I have learnt that obedience and submission to God is not a horrible way to live like some might think, but a gateway to abundant miracles and blessings and a joy that I never thought imaginable. Two years ago, my partner and I attended a prayer seminar. We just thought it would be interesting so we decided to go. The man preaching spoke about radical obedience and total availability. This convicted me in a way that I can’t describe. At the time I was living a shallow walk with Christ. My prayer life consisted of me constantly asking God for things, instead of asking God what I can do for Him. I was convicted that day that if I was to allow God to be in control of EVERYTHING in my life, He would give me the desires of my heart that I never thought imaginable. God has been on an intimate and life changing journey with me ever since. In May 2019, straight after the prayer seminar, I made a commitment to God to start with the flesh stuff. I gave up smoking and drinking alcohol that very day. My body was his temple, and it needed a lot of cleaning. In July that same year, I had an incident happen that could have gone very bad. I tried to take control of the situation and realised that I couldn’t. I opened my Bible and started praying. I asked God what He wanted me to do. His instructions were very clear. He asked me to worship Him! I needed to learn to trust and to let go of control during stressful situations. I learnt to worship God through that difficult time and He got me through to the other side. At the end, I was closer to God for it. He then started working with me in my prayer life. God wanted me to stop talking and to listen. My prayers had always been a one-way conversation and I never gave God time to actually speak to me. I learnt that prayer didn’t mean talking. Prayer is listening for God to speak to you. I started practising this beautiful conversation with God and this brought me to an even deeper relationship with Him. During this time, God started speaking to me about my relationship with my now husband, Rob. He wanted us to get married. I was hesitant due to my past and I was scared. Again, God wanted us both to trust Him. God spoke to me, telling me that if we make Him the Manager of our marriage, He will be faithful. We married on the 1st January 2020 at a beautiful, intimate and spiritual wedding. The next step of obedience was our finances. God wanted us to relinquish control over them. When lockdowns started due to COVID-19, we prayed about what to do with our tithes and offering, thinking that we will need to give less, but God had other plans. God said to give more! As scary as this was, we did this. I can’t even begin to describe the financial blessings we started to receive. None of it even made sense! God had something bigger going on. He was preparing us for ministry, where we would have no choice but to relinquish all control to Him. In 2020, we felt a strong calling as fulltime staff at Sherwood Cliffs. We prayed about it, applied, and said to God, if you don’t want us there, then shut the door. The door swung wide open. We were accepted as staff to begin in January 2021. I was starting to now see the path that God was leading us on. All this through our radical obedience and total availability to Him. By December 2020, God was completely in control of everything! We had quit our financially comfortable jobs and started packing our house to move to Sherwood. Looking back, I can see now what God was doing. What sounds like craziness to some people, all of a sudden, made perfect sense to us. He had used these last two years to sharpen us, stretch us and grow us for preparation to serve him in ministry. I have countless miracles I can tell you about. God makes possible the impossible! However, the biggest miracle is of a child we are expecting in January 2022. Due to a hormone disorder, I was told by a number of doctors that I wouldn’t have any more children and that I was fortunate enough to have been given one already. I was resigned to the fact that this was God’s plan for me, but it was always a sore spot. I always wanted children and I never understood why my body was like this. I firmly believe that this baby is a blessing given to us through radical obedience and total availability. He gives us the desires of our heart in ways that we can’t even imagine. This is what obedience to God is! It is joy and wonder and incredible relationship with the Creator of all things. It is about saying YES and trusting that God is going to make a way where there seems to be no way. My journey of obedience will always continue. I will never stop growing closer to Him. I know He has so much more yet that He wants me to do for Him. I am available and willing. I have given Him complete permission to have His way with me in my life.

He Makes possible the impossible!

Heather Tiyce

Kitchen Co-ordinator and Cook Extraordinaire