Established in 1978, Sherwood is the realisation of a vision God gave John and Honi Reifler.

In 1971 they felt God burdening them to provide a place for those struggling with addiction.  A place for them to have time to grow: physically, mentally and spiritually.

After their marriage in 1972, the Reifler’s were led by God to work in WA.  They worked amongst the aboriginal people and Honi did her Occupational Therapy degree in practical preparation for the development of Sherwood.  They were divinely led to establish it as a faith work to be a witness to a doubting church and an unbelieving world that God is good and He is able.

In 1977, God miraculously provided the present 130 acre property to operate as a rehabilitation centre.  Beginning with converted railway carriages for accommodation, Sherwood has continued to grow.  It is now spread across two centres providing drug and alcohol rehabilitation for single men and women, single mothers and married couples.

Our mission statement

The Sherwood mission is to:

  • Refresh the weary
  • Refocus the lost
  • Rebuild the broken

Our Heart is to see God changing lives for Eternity.

Our statement of faith

  • We believe-In the deity of each person of the trinity-Father, Son and Holy Spirit: one true God.
  • We believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ and that He, by His death on the cross, atoned for our sins so we accept salvation by faith through His shed blood and that without His saving grace all are lost.
  • We believe in His bodily resurrection from the grave and the ultimate resurrection of all men either to glory or damnation.
  • We believe the true church to be made up of all born again believers and we believe in the current work and movement of the Holy Spirit in the believer’s lives.
  • We believe in Christ’s Great Commission to tell all men of His salvation offer.