Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Call us on (02) 6649 2139 to request an application form and begin your journey to recovery.  If you are pregnant or interested in bringing your children with you please let us know so we can ensure you receive the relevant application and information request forms.

To apply

To apply for our rehabilitation program we require that you personally contact us by phone for a brief phone assessment and to request an application form.

Call us (02) 6649 2139

Our Applicants

We require that all applicants:

  • Have a sincere desire to change and be willing to commit to the process and length of time it will take for that change to occur
  • Be over eighteen (18) years of age
  • Have a history of drug or alcohol addiction
  • Be committed to a drug, alcohol, gambling and tobacco free lifestyle
  • Be committed to comply with all aspects of the program
  • Be committed to completing between six and twelve months in the program

Each person is a voluntary participant and their rehabilitation is monitored to enable their best outcome.  All participants attend our program with the intention of making changes from a life built upon addiction and the resulting behaviours.  The process of their rehabilitation requires a he commitment from both them and our team who support each person through their recovery.

Each person is required to participate fully in the program and all are expected to make every effort to attempt all activities and to learn new skills.  Skills which will enable each person to graduate from rehab prepared to embark on their life as a changed person.

We are a child safe organisation and have children living and schooling on our properties and the safety security and well being of our children is of high importance and we therefore cannot and will not accept any person who has a history of offences relating to children.

We will not accept a person who has:

  • An acute mental health need that requires professional treatment in a secure clinical setting
  • Previous charges or convictions relating violence and or aggression towards children
  • Previous charges or convictions relating to sexual violence
  • An outstanding warrant for their arrest.

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