Residential Rehab

Sherwood Cliffs is a Christian residential rehabilitation centre which operates in the context of a therapeutic community and enables those who come to refresh, refocus and rebuild their lives. We provide a safe place for those struggling with addiction to have time to grow: physically, mentally and spiritually.

Sherwood Cliffs has the capacity to cater for up to eight single men and two families.

Therapeutic Community

As a therapeutic community, we have a recovery orientation, focusing on the whole person and overall lifestyle changes, not just abstinence from drugs and alcohol. The community itself, through self-help and mutual support, is the principle means for promoting personal change. Key elements of a therapeutic community are:
1. Community is the method, this is the heart that brings change
2. Staged approach providing opportunities to progress in the program, an increase in responsibilities and privileges
3. Holistic multidimensional approach that recognises and works with the whole person.

Sherwood is home

Sherwood is home to our volunteers living on site, to our program participants and to our many guests who come to stay with us.   As we live together we learn to live with one another, we learn to appreciate our similarities and differences as we share life with others.


• Be 18 years +
• Have a history of substance abuse
• Want change in your life and be committed to complete a minimum of 6 months
• Have an understanding that Sherwood provides an active work program
• Detox prior to arrival

How to Apply

Call personally to request an application form.
Complete and return form for assessment.

Recovery and Personal Growth

We provide studies focusing on recovery and personal growth
These groups are designed to enable each person to grow personally, to learn new ways of coping, to develop or redevelop a healthy way of life that involves taking responsibility for themselves and their recovery from addiction. Our program focuses on:
• Substance abuse and mental health (dual diagnosis)
• Needs and underlying issues
• Cycle of addiction
• Understanding drugs and their effects
• Grief cycle and anger
• Drink and drug driving
• Boundaries.

Regular Activities

A group activity for spiritual growth and a deeper understanding of the scriptures

Work program
Sherwood is heavily based on an active work program which involves general property maintenance and farm upkeep

Sherwood BBQ
Every Saturday we come together for a BBQ open to the wider community

Church & Picnic
Every Sunday we attend church followed by an open picnic at the beach.

Movie Night
Sunday offers a quiet afternoon/evening that is spent soaking up some screen time and ending with a movie.

Bible Study
This is offered weekly by John Reifler, Co-Founder of Sherwood.

Art Class
Run weekly, this is a time for each person to discover or develop their creative side.

Men’s Breakfast
Once a month the Sherwood men join the Men’s Breakfast at Coffs Harbour Baptist Church.

Men’s Night Out
Once a month the Sherwood men knock off work early to get out for a bit for some fishing, a movie or a meal out.

Where the money comes from

While it is our desire to be as self supporting as possible, by developing internal industry, Sherwood is financed largely by the generous giving of interested people.  It is not a policy to solicit funds.  Finance needed is literally prayed in for the specific project on hand.

Sherwood is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).  Click here to view their ACNC record.