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We value the people that God brings to Sherwood, and we have a heart for who He has called into ministry.  Our volunteers are here to disciple, love, lead and support those who come into the program, their families and others who God brings to us.  
Professional supervision is one way we can provide support for our volunteers as they serve Jesus at Sherwood.

We are delighted to have Moni on our team providing professional supervision for our valued volunteers.

Hi, my name is Moni, and I am Swiss-Australian. 27 years ago, my husband Matt and I decided to pack up our bags and migrate to beautiful Coffs Harbour. I love living here and whilst I miss our families and the beautiful Swiss mountains, I don’t miss the snow or the cold. I enjoy baking, walking, travelling, and spending quality time with my family and friends. Through Matt, who was a volunteer chef at Sherwood for a period of 4 years between 1987 and 1991, I had the privilege to meet John & Honi Reifler, their extended family, and the incredible mission field of Sherwood Cliffs.
My professional background began in paediatric nursing, being a homestay mum and a Christian counsellor. After this season, my search for a vocational change, led me to become an aged care chaplain where I stayed for 10 years.  During these years, I was gifted with the regular support of professional pastoral supervision, which was wonderful.  Having a safe and confidential space where I could talk about work-related matters, was invaluable and transformational for me and led me wanting to become a supervisor myself.

Then and now…

In 1988 Moni’s husband Matt was the chef at Sherwood for 4 years.

G’day, I’m Matt, Moni’s other half.
It is now 37 years ago when I, as a 20 year old, volunteered at Sherwood Cliffs.
It is wonderful for me to see how God continues using our family in this ministry by providing all Sherwood Cliffs staff with a professional supervisor through my wife. While she is getting the opportunity to hone her skills, the team members are being blessed with the provision of a safe place to share and also realign themselves with their ministry on a regular basis. This will undoubtedly support their effectiveness in their work.
I pray that that God will continue blessing Sherwood Cliffs, their workers and seekers.