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Congratulations to Linton & Marie who were married on July 3, 2021. The church filled with the sound of many bells ringing as Mr. & Mrs. Reid left the building. We have had the pleasure of having Linton live and work with us here at Sherwood for the past 12 months. He is a generous man who isn’t defined by his age. Thank you Linton for all you invested into Sherwood. You will be missed.

It is with mixed feelings that I sit to write this, as the Lord has continued to bless my relationship with Marie and we are getting married on July 3 2021. We will be living in Coffs Harbour until the Lord gives us further direction.

Since our last Praise Letter, I have continued to be blessed by the Lord with strength to do whatever is required of me, from slashing grass in the paddocks, to eradicating household rubbish, to transporting seekers, to weeding gardens, but, whatever it is I enjoy serving the Lord and helping to change lives for the better.

I plan on giving 2 days a week here at Sherwood as the Lord enables me.
We have enjoyed the visit of 17 young guys and their teachers from Hillcrest Christian College on the Gold Coast over four days in June. They all worked enthusiastically both here and at the Glen.

So keep on obeying and trusting the Lord so that you may be ready for His sudden return in the near future.
God Bless you all.