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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

What a joy and privilege it has been to serve the Lord in this beautiful place over the past 6 months. The deciduous trees are now back in leaf, the jacaranda trees have been magnificent for few weeks now.

The new friends I have been able to make is wonderful, the ability to keep in visual contact with the Shepparton Gideons via Zoom is very comforting and I am also attending Gideon meetings here in Coffs Harbour which is good. The Lord has increased my physical strength to enable me to do more than I am asked to do which I am finding fulfilling and rewarding. I am enjoying the work here, driving the tractor, slashing lantana and cutting fireweed.

One highlight was helping a dairy cow give birth to twins after dinner one night. Helping JP in the workshop with mechanical work, fixing water pipes, working with the seekers, sharing in devotions each day, feeding the animals, mowing lawns and playing with the Border Collie, Indi, and all the while serving the Lord. My cup is running over with joy. May God bless you all as you continue to support this great work.