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Cyrus is learning to juggle! Watching him makes me realise how many balls we have had to keep up in the air during our lives.
Now, in retirement (an uncomfortable word for JP), we can do all that we want to do without keeping all those “balls” circulating. We still have a regular commitment to Sherwood with JP mostly in the mechanical workshop and I in the kitchen. And we are always available to step into busy or difficult situations. However, we also have the freedom to be involved in other situations. JP loves his Friday mornings at the Coffs Harbour Christian Community School connecting with students and staff. Interaction with anyone and everyone, anywhere, is his gifting. I enjoy being involved in our local Glenreagh community through the Museum, painting classes, running an art exhibition (Cedar and Steam) and generally being a big fish in a small pond.

We both thank God for health and strength to continue to serve Him.

John & Honi REIFLER

This month we will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. As we reflect on our life together there is a mountain of things to be thankful for. We are grateful for where we are and look forward to where the next 20 years will take us.
Our house has been filled with the smell of amazing blooms as Samara (16) worked through her floristry course. She has now graduated and is a qualified florist. Ashlee (18) continues to work in aged care. A recent holiday has inspired her to begin thinking outside of ‘Coffs Harbour’. We will be sure to make the most of the time while we have her close by. Cyrus (13) and Lennox (11) are busy being boys who are quickly growing into young men who dream of independence. Honi is a bubbly confident 3 year old who loves to help and be involved in anything and everything.

Thank you for the way you support this ministry. We value your prayers and interest in what happens here at Sherwood.

Colin & Chantal KEMSLEY