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Last Sunday the rain was pouring down, the dirt road was already gouged out from a week of floods and it was impossible to turn around and head back home.  All I could do was continue driving into Woolgoolga to church.

My frazzled nerves were a little soothed by the music, my blood pressure reduced a bit with communion…and then my anxious experience was replaced with a soul stirring message.  Pastor Peter Lott spoke about Mother Theresa who stated, ‘I am only a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world’.

I had been praying for wisdom to write this letter and to sum up our 50 years together and Peter’s sermon provided a structure.

  1. SHE HEARD THE VOICE OF GOD.  Like Mother Theresa, we too heard God’s voice when we were agonising in prayer about what should be the next step for all the troubled people we were meeting.  Back in 1971, before we married, God’s direction was, ‘to set up a place where these people could have time to heal mentally, physically and spiritually’.
  2. SHE OBEYED THE VOICE OF GOD.  After seven years of preparation our intentions became a reality when God miraculously provided us with a farm, Sherwood Cliffs, and the trouble poured in.  For 50 years we have experienced the blessings of obedience.
  3. SHE WAS FAITHFUL TO THE VOICE OF GOD. Perseverance to power-on is divinely provided and His joy is our strength.  Over the years we have had to adapt to change but we have maintained the core values.

Even though we have now retired from the leadership of Sherwood we still help out where needed and up-hold each other and everyone in prayer.  Our six children inspires us and our twenty grandchildren fill our lives with fun…and a need to seek God’s blessing on their precious lives as they negotiate their way in an increasingly unstable world.

Just as there was no turning back on Sunday morning due to the horrendous weather conditions, there is no turning back in life.  We thank God for 50 adventurous years…good and bad, thick and thin…having Him at our side, covering our back and being with us into tomorrow.

Another quick note from Mother Theresa is, ‘We don’t all do great things, but, we can all do small things with great love.’  The love of Jesus is inexhaustible and we draw from Him as we are part of His love letter to the world.

Honi Reifler