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We would like to introduce the newest members of our team, Rob & Heather Tiyce.  You may remember reading about their stories in a previous Praise Letter. 
This couple has a genuine heart to see others set free from addiction.  Please pray for them as they settle into life at Sherwood.

Sherwood Cliffs we are here! Introducing the Tiyce family! Rob, Heather and Cody plus 2 cats. Rob came through Sherwood himself as a seeker in 2016, Rob and myself were married last year on New Years Day here at Sherwood Cliffs and we both knew God was calling us to this unique ministry. God’s timing is always perfect as this year is also Cody’s first year of High School, so we have all been able to start afresh in our new roles and Cody in his new school.

What an incredible ministry to be a part of! When we first applied for full time staff at Sherwood we never expected to be blessed with a newly renovated property! We are so grateful for the work done to make this happen. As we sit on our verandah eating breakfast and overlooking the gorgeous farm, we look at each other and say, “what a place to be called to ministry!” And the blessings don’t stop there. The greatest joy is watching God change hearts and lives and we see the change on a daily basis as we watch souls who were lost and hopeless all of a sudden stand up straight, hold their heads high and work with a smile on their face and we see people find hope in Christ for the first time. What a beautiful thing to watch God in action in such an intimate setting!
So thank you for your prayers and we look forward to telling you all about the blessings in store for 2021!

Rob & Heather TIYCE