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This past 6 months has seen some significant changes in the way we operate and the program that we provide. While our core vision remains the same we have been able to improve the the programs and opportunities that we provide for our volunteers and Seekers.
As part of the National Quality Framework for Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services we were required to obtain accreditation with an acceptable accreditation standard. After a lot of work we are happy to announce that we have received our Statement of Certification for ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. We have learnt a lot and look forward to seeing the impact that this new system will have on our organisation. We are committed to our vision and inspired to continually improve the service we provide. Thankfully in 2015 God prompted us to put together an operating manual for Sherwood. We trusted that His reason would be revealed in due time. When we began the accreditation process in 2022 we often felt very under qualified and under equipped but through the process we have come to realise and appreciate that this is not the truth. Remember that old saying “God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called”. As we reflected over the past years we can see the many ways that His leading has directed us to where we are today and where we were last year when we first read the criteria for treatment services. God is good and He is faithful.
Sherwood now has an In-Service Delivery Program to assist our workers in their professional development, equipping them in their role and the work they do with us. The training includes Addiction and Mental Health (Dual Diagnosis) training and Anger Management and Conflict Resolution training. We are able to provide a workplace that provides recognised experience for our volunteers. There is opportunity for our volunteers who wish to pursue certification in Community Services to apply for Recognised Prior Learning (RPL). To apply for assessment in their workplace a person will need to have completed at least 1 year of experience in the industry and have been conducting psycho-social assessments with clients in their organisation. This is something that we have desired for a long time and it is exciting to say that it is now a possibility. For years (40+) we have provided a place where many people have worked and gained valuable experience both personally and professionally and we are thankful that God has now made a way for these skills to be recognised within the AOD (Alcohol and Other Drugs) sector.
The program we provide for our Seekers is designed to enable each person to grow personally, to learn new ways of coping, to develop or redevelop a healthy way of life that involves taking responsibility for themselves and their recovery from addiction. This year we have implemented a new program, Jumpstart. This is a best practice, evidence based program that addresses the following:
• Substance abuse and mental health (dual diagnosis)
• Integrative holistic model
• Needs and underlying issues
• Drink and drug driving
• Cycle of addiction
• Understanding drugs and their effects.
We have personally experienced God’s goodness and faithfulness once again through
the implementation of these new systems and programs.

Need Help?

We provide rehabilitation for men struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.
To apply you must:
• Be 18 years +
• Call us personally to request an application form
• Want change in your life and be committed to complete a minimum of 6 months
• Have an understanding that Sherwood provides a physically active work program
• Detox prior to arrival

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