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Dear Friends,

Through my own personal experience, I have learnt that freedom really is found in Christ: freedom to discover who I am, accept who I am and to live the life I was created for.  This is where the true me is found.  

This life in Christ is often labelled as a burden; an extensive list of rules, obligations and expectations.  But ‘It is for freedom that Christ has set us free’.

We all carry baggage, excess burdens, that we take with us wherever we go.  A mixed bag made up of a collection of physical, mental & emotional items that get in the way of our progress, development and ultimately our freedom.  It effects the way we see the world, it blurs our perspective and distorts the truth.

We seem to struggle with this load until we reach a point where we fear we will collapse from the pressure.  The great news is that we don’t have to wait until we reach breaking point to allow God to intervene in our life.  We can invite him to help us at any time.  He is more than capable and completely willing.  

God is clear about who He says we are.  We are His child and friend, we are justified, redeemed, forgiven, chosen and His workmanship.  We are not who others say we are.  We are not what we have done.  We are not what has been done to us.  I want to encourage you to discover and familiarise yourself with who you truly are.  You have been created with value and purpose.  This will never change.  God has always loved you and always will.  

Jesus calls us to Him for rest.  Accept this offer.  Relinquish the baggage you have collected, allow him to remove, rearrange and restore you.  Give him permission to lead, guide and teach you, for freedom really is found in Christ. 

Our latest Praise Letter is available to download.  Click on Newsletters and look for 12/2021 Praise Letter.  We hope you are encouraged and inspired by all that God has been doing through Sherwood.

Chantal Kemsley