Volunteers are essential to the functioning and running of all aspects of the organisation and the programs provided.  Whether full time or casual, every person that gives their time to our organisation joins us in seeing the Sherwood mission fulfilled.

The Sherwood Rehabs are staffed by full time volunteers who live on site with their families and are committed to the needs of those participating in the program.  All our volunteers are committed Christians who have a heart for people who are hurting and seeking change for their lives.

As we live together in the community we learn to respect and appreciate the diversity of those around us.  It is a place where the Christian denomination you come from doesn’t define you.  We work together and share a heart for a common cause – to see God changing lives for eternity.

“Here at Sherwood we are AA...ALWAYS AVAILABLE” – John Reifler.

Our Current Team

Honi and John Reifler

John and Honi Reifler

Founders and Directors of Sherwood Christian Rehab Centre Inc.

Colin and Chantal Kemsley

Sherwood Cliffs Centre Managers and Program Coordinators

with their children Ashlee, Samara, Cyrus, Lennox and Honi

Georgie Quarmby 2018

Georgie Quarmby


Tim and Felicity Fowler


Esther Rower




Our members of the board

John and Honi Reifler – founders and directors of Sherwood Christian Rehab Centre Inc.

Rob Hagenaar – long time friend and associate of Sherwood

Tim Mole – long time friend and associate of Sherwood

Ken Semmens – ex-staff member of Sherwood Cliffs

Chris Robson – Pastor of the Coffs Harbour Baptist church, our home church